"Jeff recently visited our home to complete an overall energy assessment and advise us of the best way forward with regard to achieving a more environmentally sustainable home. We received practical advice on simple ways to improve the efficiency of such things as: Electricity use; Insulation; Water use and alternatives such as solar hot water and more efficient appliances. Jeff’s on-site expertise was invaluable as he was able to see specific issues with our home and give advice on such things as the most suitable placement of solar panels and hot water evacuated tubes. We found Jeff to be thorough, knowledgeable, passionate and up to date with his observations and advice. All delivered with a smile, and importantly - presented in a guilt free way!" Steve and Rachel Allen, (Flynn A.C.T.)


Vision statement

To genuinely help a wide range of people to embrace the fitting and retro-fitting of environmentally sound sustainable products to their homes.

Philosophy on sustainability and the urban environment:

My passion for sustainability started ten years ago when I was inspired to build a home for my family. At that point I wanted to have the lightest environmental ‘footprint’ possible for the building and garden in order to assist in healing our impact on the planet. I began to notice that people everywhere in Australia seemed almost unconcerned by the amount, size and type of building that was occurring – their ‘footprints’ seemed to be getting larger in terms of both resource usage and floor plan!

Ten years later I am still fine tuning my home – though most of my philosophies toward reducing the resources required to run my home have been put into practice - a term I call ‘Praxis’. These philosophies include

  • using rainwater instead of town water;
  • using greywater on the garden;
  • utilizing composting toilets to save water in the first place;
  • using the sun as a resource to generate electricity and heat water;
  • Using kitchen scraps for the production of compost;

So now I wish to share my passion and knowledge for better praxis in this area with other like minded people. This consultancy is designed to help others meet their own challenges within their homes.

I feel there is an ever growing need to be responsible towards resources such as electricity, water and gas within the domestic scene – and therefore I feel we need to retrofit and build with this ecological sense in mind.


  • Built, owned and landscaped a sustainable home in the last seven years. We now have minimal electricity and water bills;
  • Presented a paper at the International Solar Energy Society conference in Sydney, Nov 2008 - "Domestic results from changing PV panel angles";
  • Conducted guided tours of the home for ’04; ’05; ’07; ’08 & '10 AuSES Sustainable House days;
  • Active member of AuSES – Australian Solar Energy Society;
  • Accredited ABSA House Sustainability Assessor, Sustaining Our Towns
  • Guest speaker at the “Sustainability Tent” at the National Folk Festival in 2007 and 2008;
  • Invited to be guest speaker at Floriade 2008 in the ACT AGL ‘Look and Learn’ Marquee;
  • Home was the winner of the Queanbeyan City Councils’ “Sustainable Gardens Competition” in 2007;
  • Home featured in the local media – both television, radio and newspaper;
  • Home featured in national print media – “Owner Builder” magazine (April/May 2008) for retrofit of evacuated solar hot water tubes and also in “Green Power Today” (Vol. 2 Earth Garden)